Google Confirms Project Dragonfly Is 'Terminated'

From PC Mag: With a population of 1.4 billion people, every tech company is desperate to have its services operating in China. Google was even willing to offer a censored search engine to satiate the communist government. But Project Dragonfly is now officially dead.

As BuzzFeed reports, confirmation of that came via Google's vice president of public policy, Karan Bhatia. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday, Bhatia was asked by Republican Senator Josh Hawley about Google's dealing in China. He responded to a series of questions by stating, "We have terminated Project Dragonfly ... We have no plans to launch Search in China and there is no work being undertaken on such a project."

This is the first time Google has referred to Project Dargonfly as being "terminated," although the company pointed out this isn't new information. Google stated back in March that there's no plans to launch a search service in China and nobody working on it. So while not new, it's still a very definite "not happening" confirmation.

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