Google's Lightweight Photo App Gallery Go Launches

From PC Mag: Not everyone has access to a fast, reliable data connection for their smartphone, so Google is launching a new, lightweight photo app called Gallery Go that's designed to work offline.

The aim of Gallery Go is to offer a complete photo capture and editing solution that requires no data to function. Photos captured with Gallery Go will automatically be organized into categories such as Selfies, Screenshots, Nature, People, or Food. Photo storage is directly on your phone, but Google also built in support for SD cards.

Photo editing is handled using some simple-to-use tools, with the most popular sure to be auto enhance. It instantly fixes a photo to make it look the best it can be, but can then be further tweaked by the user using rotate and crop tools. There's also a range of filters that can be applied as a finishing touch. Again, this is all done offline and without any data use.

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