Justice Department Approves Sprint, T-Mobile Merger

From PC Mag: The Justice Department has approved the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint under the condition that Sprint sells off several assets to Dish Network, so that Dish can become a viable fourth competitor in the US mobile carrier space.

Under the deal, Sprint must divest its prepaid business, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile to Dish Network, a satellite TV provider. In addition, T-Mobile and Sprint will need to give Dish access to at least 20,000 cell sites and hundreds of retail locations.

"T-Mobile must also provide Dish with robust access to the T-Mobile network for a period of seven years while Dish builds out its own 5G network," the Justice Department said in Friday's announcement.

Although T-Mobile and Sprint have cleared a major hurdle to the proposed merger, the two companies are still facing resistance from 14 state attorneys general, who filed a lawsuit last month to block the deal. They're concerned the merger would reduce competition in the wireless market and result in price increases and shoddier services for consumers.

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