Instagram is hiding likes. You may be happier in the end

From CNET: Lyndi Cohen's Instagram photos illustrate the power of healthy living. The Australian nutritionist features meals she's prepared for the week and moves gracefully through yoga poses. She also shares side-by-side bikini shots to show how glamorous photos on the social network diverge from real life.

Still, the 29-year-old grapples with an unhealthy habit: obsessing over how many "likes" her Instagram photos receive.

The number of likes has prompted Cohen to question which photos or videos to share with her 99,700 followers. Even though she knows it's unhealthy, Cohen has compared herself to more-popular Instagram users.

"We can get addicted to chasing likes instead of chasing great content," she said.

Now Instagram is giving Cohen and other users a break from their fixation on likes. In a test that rolled out to more countries last month, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service is hiding the number of likes and video views each post gets, so the rest of the world can't tell how popular it is. You'll still be able to see the likes and video views your posts have gotten, but the public won't.

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