Microsoft’s new privacy policy admits humans are listening to some Skype and Cortana recordings

From The Verge: Just like every other tech company that got caught with its hand in the cookie jar this year — hey there, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook — we recently learned that Microsoft had been quietly letting human contractors listen to your Skype translations and Cortana voice recordings. That’s right: they’re not just AI.

But unlike Apple and Google, each of which halted listening to some of these recordings after the revelations, Microsoft appears to be merely updating its privacy policy to admit that yes, in fact, humans do review some of these recordings. One caveat here: Microsoft is only doing this for Skype’s translation feature, not Skype calls. The company is, however, analyzing voice snippets from Cortana requests and exchanges, presumably across all platforms including PC, where one might be more readily searching the web with more sensitive requests.

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