Huawei’s Folding Phone Delayed Until Late This Year

From ExtremeTech: Huawei’s no good, very bad year continues to get worse. The company came into 2019 with a growing market share and some impressive technology. Huawei unveiled a folding phone just a few weeks after Samsung, and most would agree the Huawei mate X looked much sleeker than the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Now, Huawei is staring down the barrel of a politically motivated technology export ban, and the Mate X is taking longer than expected to finish. The company now says the phone won’t launch until late this year.

The Mate X was the second “real” folding Android phone. There have been uncountable trade show demos and sketchy developers devices like the FlexPai, but Huawei promised to sell the Mate X to consumers. And it looked gorgeous, unlike the clunky Galaxy Fold. When flattened out, the phone offers an 8-inch display. The Mate X folded outward, so the single flexible OLED covered the front and back of the device.

Huawei initially wanted to launch the Mate X in June, which was an ambitious timeline that would have put it up against Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. Of course, the Galaxy Fold famously disintegrated in reviews’ hands last spring. Samsung hurriedly recalled the devices and set to work retooling the device, which still hasn’t launched.

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