iPhone 11: Exactly When Apple Will Reveal All Its iPhones For 2019

From Forbes: Well, there’s already been an accidental mention of when the phone will actually go on sale. As Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly reported last week, Softbank president Ken Miayauchi let slip that the launch date will be September 20.

Of course, even Miayauchi-san could be wrong, because Apple is known for being incredibly nimble when it comes to last-minute changes. It’s one of the reasons it keeps details like the unveil date to itself until its stone-cold certain everything is going to plan. Which is why that unveil date is so key.

If you’re eager to watch the announcement keynote live, or at least know when to tune in to Forbes for full disclosure of what’s been revealed, what date should you be putting in your diary? Here’s everything we know so far…

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