LG Teaser Video Hints at Dual-Screen Folding Smartphone

From PC Mag: In preparation for IFA 2019, LG released a teaser trailer for what's thought to be the V60 ThinQ dual-screen smartphone.

As TechRadar reports, the video, uploaded on the South Korean smartphone manufactuer's YouTube channel, shows a needle on a dial moving from zero to 180 degrees which implies that, much like LG's other dual-screen products, you'll be able to fold the second screen out from the first. Strangely, 104 degrees is marked at the side - the significance of which is not yet known.

The caption of the video is "Life's better when it's 360," which seems to suggest that the phone can fold in two directions so that the screens are either both on the outside or on the inside. This would make the V60 ThinQ more attractive than the Samsung Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X as both have screens that can only fold one way. LG may even beat them to market considering both devices have had significant delays following Samsung's manufacturing problems and Huawei's difficulties with the Trump administration.

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