Samsung Galaxy Fold will reportedly come out on Sept. 6

From CNET: We've known for a while that Samsung plans to release its redesigned Galaxy Fold in September, but Korean news agency Yonhap may have revealed the exact date: Sept. 6. The company has talked to three telecoms about that date, Yonhap reported. Tt happens to be the first day of the IFA 2019 trade show in Berlin, which would give Samsung a platform for an announcement.

The $1,980 foldable phone was originally meant to go on sale on April 26, and preorders sold out on the first day. But four days before that date, Samsung delayed the release of the phone after reviewers reported screen breakages, flickering and bulging.

We got a look at a render of the redesigned Fold last month -- it showed that the screen, internal structure and hinge area have been reinforced.

Huawei's rival foldable, the $2,600 Mate X, was originally due to arrive in September as well, but the company reportedly said we're unlikely to see it before November.

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