Microsoft Tests New Windows 10 Interface for Laptop Convertibles

From PC Mag: Microsoft is testing a new interface for Windows 10 specifically designed for 2-in-1 laptop convertibles.

The new 2-in-1 interface will automatically activate when the laptop convertible switches into a tablet posture. As you can see below, the layout is pretty similar to the standard Windows 10 desktop mode, but with a few tweaks.

The changes include increasing the spacing between all the different application icons that appear on the taskbar, which sits at the bottom of the screen. This should make it easier to select the icons with the touch of a finger. To create the additional space, Microsoft has collapsed the long search box on the taskbar into a single icon.

Another change is when you access File Explorer; the UI will automatically bring up the touch-optimized version of the utility. Tapping text fields on the interface will also automatically trigger the touch keyboard.

The new interface represents an alternative to Windows 10's existing tablet mode, which 2-in-1 laptops can automatically switch into, but features tile-sized icons that fill up the screen.

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