Sonos Introduces the Move, Its First Portable Speaker

From PC Mag: Sonos has established itself as one of the foremost manufacturers of multi-room home audio speakers, and for 17 years it has shied away from any kind of portable product. All Sonos speakers, including the Editors' Choice Sonos One and Sonos Beam, have been exclusively Wi-Fi speakers that must be plugged in to work. Sonos is finally breaking that trend with the Move.

The Sonos Move is the first speaker designed by Sonos for portability, with a built-in battery that allows it to be used without a power cable. It's a fairly large speaker, weighing several pounds and standing nearly a foot tall. That's a bit too large to fit inside a jacket or small bag, but it can be placed in a backpack, and a very large handle built into the metal body lets you lug the speaker to different rooms, out to the porch or backyard, or the beach.

Speaking of the beach, Sonos extensively weatherproofed the Move. It's IP56-rated, which means it can handle getting covered in dust and sand or hosed down with water (though it isn't completely submersible). It can function between approximately 15 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit as well, and according to Sonos has been exposed to extensive shock and drop testing.

Sonos's multi-room audio platform uses Wi-Fi, but your home network probably isn't reliable out in the yard, and certainly isn't available at the beach. Because of this, Sonos is finally embracing Bluetooth with the Move. It can connect directly to your phone over Bluetooth and function purely as a Bluetooth speaker, when it's out of range of your home network.

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