Pine64 Is Making a $25 Linux Smartwatch

From PC Mag: If you'd like to wear a smartwatch every day, but can't stomach paying hundreds of dollars to purchase one, don't worry, there's soon going to be a $25 option.

As Liliputing reports, Pine64, the company behind the forthcoming PineBook Pro Linux laptop, PineTab Linux tablet, and PinePhone Linux smartphone, is also promising to make a PineTime Linux smartwatch. It will be offered for the incredibly low price of $25, which also gets you a charging dock, 20mm wristband, and multi-day battery life.

In a series of tweets, Pine64 makes it clear the PineTime is a side project and therefore its priority falls below the PineBook Pro and PinePhone. Even so, the company is urging developers and the community to get behind the project, push it forward, and "drive this in the direction they desire."

Pine64 says the watch body will be sourced from existing designs already offered by other manufacturers and will use a zinc alloy and plastic casing. The internals will be decided upon by the company and they already have a prototype unit as the image above shows.

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