Samsung Is Promising 'Never-Die' SSDs

From PC Mag: Whether you choose a hard drive or an SSD for your PC, every drive will eventually come to the end of its life. Hard drives can develop bad sectors, but do manage to keep on working for a while. SSDs on the other hand tend to just die unexpectedly, but Samsung aims to fix that in its new PCIe Gen4 solid state drives.

These SSDs are set to include new technology Samsung is calling fail-in-place (FIP). What FIP technology does is allow a drive to cope if something goes wrong with one or more of the NAND chips it contains. So rather than dying, what's left of the functioning storage chips will continue to work, albeit in a drive that has less storage space available.

FIP goes a step further than that, though, and manages to scan for any damage in the data before relocating it to the remaining NAND chips that work. Samsung has basically built data recovery into its new SSDs.

For now, the SSDs featuring FIP will be for use in data centers where anything that helps ensure data integrity and minimizes the need to switch out storage is going to be welcomed with open arms. With that in mind, Samsung is launching 19 models of SSD called under the names PM1733 and PM1735.

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