Intel slashes prices of 9th-gen desktop 'F' chips without integrated graphics by up to 20 percent

From PC World: Competition appears to be forcing Intel's prices down in the high-end gaming space. After launching its significantly cheaper Core X-series processors last week, on Monday Intel sliced up to 20 percent off of its 9th-gen "F" parts.

At the time, the thought was that these “F” chips, which lack an integrated GPU, would serve as a safety valve of sorts for those who couldn’t find a 9th-gen Core chip. But Intel also pitched them as gaming-optimized processors for those who knew that they’d be pairing them with a dedicated GPU, anyway. Intel's 9th-gen products are based on the Coffee Lake architecture.

In any case, Intel’s decided to make the new processor pricing more “rational,” in the words of Frank Soqui, a vice president of the Client Computing Group. (Recall that these 9th-gen processors were originally priced almost exactly the same as Intel’s chips with integrated GPUs.) The discounts are mostly in the single digits, but Intel has cut the low-end prices by as much as 21 percent.

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