Your PS4 Can't Connect to Facebook Anymore

From PC Mag: If your friends are on Facebook and you game on a PS4, the ability to link the two is quite useful for sharing. However, Sony announced this week that Facebook integration is no longer available for PS4 owners.

As Kotaku reports, the ability for a PS4 to integrate with a Facebook account ended yesterday. Sony didn't explain why the integration suddenly came to an end, but it has explained what it means for PS4 owners who already had their console linked to the social network.

Removal of the account integration means you'll no longer be able to share "screenshots, videos, music, trophy details, or links to gameplay broadcasts" on Facebook. It also means that Friends List features including adding friends on PS4 from your Facebook account are no longer possible.

Probably the biggest pain will come for anyone who uses a profile picture on their PS4 which was imported from Facebook. The picture now needs to be replaced. This can be done on your PS4 in the Settings -> Account Management -> Account Information -> Profile -> Profile Picture page. Simply select a new image, or if you still want to use a picture stored on Facebook, use the PlayStation App to upload it once you've saved it off Facebook.

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