Akasa Launches Raspberry Pi 4 Case With Custom Thermal Kit

From PC Mag: he Raspberry Pi 4 is by far the most powerful Pi, but that also means the single board computer runs quite hot and can struggle with overheating without active cooling. Akasa aims to solve that problem with its new Pi-4 case.

Back in 2017, Akasa launched a case for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B which included a thermal kit. The Raspberry Pi 4 case looks to be an update on that design and it also includes a custom thermal kit to keep the little desktop computer from getting too hot.

The thermal kit combined with the aluminum outer case conducts heat away from the processor, GPU, and the USB 3.0 chipset, all without blocking any of the external connectors. But how good is it at cooling?

According to the video, the Raspbery Pi 4can exceed 75 degrees Celsius without a case when under load. However, with the thermal kit and case fitted, Akasa claims to keep the temperature closer to 50 degrees. An impressive 34 percent drop.

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