Alexa and Google voice assistants app exploits left it vulnerable to eavesdropping

From CNET: There's already privacy concerns when it comes to smart speakers in the home -- but now security researchers have found that malicious apps designed to eavesdrop can sneak through Google and Amazon's vetting process.

On Sunday, Security Research Labs disclosed their findings after developing eight voice apps that could listen in on people's conversations through Amazon's Echo and Google's Nest devices. All of the apps passed through Google and Amazon's review process for third-party apps. The research was first reported by CNET's site ZDNet.

Amazon and Google did not respond to requests for comment.

Voice assistants present a new privacy concern, since the devices are essentially internet-connected microphones in your home, delivering your conversations to servers from Amazon, Apple and Google. All three companies were criticized over their reviews process, where they used human contractors to listen to select conversations with the voice assistants.

They've also taken steps to improve their privacy settings, as Apple and Google now require people to opt-in to be a part of the review program. Amazon also sought to improve its privacy settings available for Alexa after the backlash.

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