Pokemon Go will let you battle other players online in 2020

From CNET: Pokemon Go was a global smash upon its 2016 release, and it has remained one of the top grossing games on iOS and Android ever since. The game's longevity is made more impressive when you consider that there's no online battle mode, since online battle modes are usually how companies keep players coming back to their games. But Pokemon Go developer Niantic is changing that, announcing Monday that the Go Battle League will launch in 2020.

Until now, players have only been able to duke it out with their Pokemon locally unless you've hit Ultra or Best friend ranking with another player. That means you can currently either fight another player who's physically nearby or someone you've sent a bunch of in-game gifts to. I know. Interacting with another person. It sounds horrible.

"We're excited to announce the development of a feature that will build upon Trainer Battles," Niantic said in its Monday blog post. "This feature will be called GO Battle League."

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