Xbox All Access lets players upgrade to Project Scarlett

From CNET: If you use Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program to change phones every year, the new tweak to Xbox's All Access console purchasing program will be familiar. Players who buy an Xbox One this holiday will get the option to upgrade straight to next year's new console currently codenamed Project Scarlett.

Xbox All Access was first introduced last year. It turned buying a new Xbox, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass membership into a 24-month installment purchase plan. Happily, if you were planning on using Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for two straight years anyway, you now actually save money with the program.

The exact terms vary depending on the console you buy, whether you qualify with a financing partner and what region of the world you live in. US and UK players can pick from a variety of Xbox bundles, from the cheaper Xbox One S All-Digital Edition ($20 per month in the US) to the pricier Xbox One X ($31 per month). Australian players can pick either an Xbox One X or S system bundled with Forza Horizon 4.

When it comes to jumping to Project Scarlett, players in the US and UK can become eligible after making 12 payments. That's if they picked an Xbox One X. The payments jump to 18 if you choose one of the Xbox One S consoles. When the console releases next year, players will need to buy it from the same retail store they purchased their original from, trading in that console. Anyone who buys the lowest-end Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will also be hit with a $20 upgrade fee.

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