Steam Beta Suggests Users Revise Their Game Reviews

From PC Mag: Game reviews can be vital for the success or failure of a game, but they are also quite a static reference as to the state of a title. Valve is aiming to change that with a new feature discovered in the latest beta Steam client.

As PC Gamer reports, the beta client has been spotted popping up a new box stating "You've played an additional XX hours. Would you like to revise your review?" Alongside a yes/no option to edit your review. A screenshot posted on Reddit by user PunnyCasual showed the question posed after 93 additional hours had been spent playing Destiny 2.

It's safe to assume spending so many more hours playing the same game will change your opinion of the title, for better or worse, so having the option to update your thoughts is a good idea. Having so many hours logged also gives the review more weight with readers because it's clear you've played a game extensively.

The feature is being received positively on Reddit, but I can see it having a more general positive impact for PC games on Steam if it makes it out of beta. Game developers will be able to react to early negative reviews and improve their games, which in return could receive a lot of positive review revisions. It should also encourage developers to keep the quality of games high throughout their play time because they know reviews can be revised negatively if they don't.

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