Apple updates privacy website to highlight data protection tools

From CNET: Apple on Wednesday took another step in its privacy efforts, updating the section of its website that's focused on data protection and controls. It's the company's latest move as it looks to be the privacy leader among tech giants.

The updated page serves as a central hub for all things privacy and Apple products, leading with new white papers explaining the company's privacy protections for features like Sign In with Apple and Location Services. Apple frequently publishes white papers on its security and privacy settings, but the new website offers a central location for all of them.

The new white papers give a deeper dive into how your data is shared, as well as privacy protections that Apple offers. The website has a section dedicated to managing privacy and security settings where you can adjust how much data your devices give to third-party apps.

"Your devices are important to so many parts of your life," Apple said on its updated page. "What you share from those experiences, and who you share it with, should be up to you."

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