Intel will build AI brains into your laptop for tomorrow's speed boost

From CNET: It may not be obvious, but you're almost certainly using AI every day. Artificial intelligence-boosting hardware in your phone enables voice recognition and spots your friends in photos. In the cloud, it delivers search results and weeds out spam email. Next up for dedicated AI hardware will be your laptop, Intel expects.

Computer and software makers haven't started clamoring for hardware that accelerates artificial intelligence tasks in a personal computer, the chipmaker believes. But that'll change, and Intel expects to blend more AI circuitry into its products as it catches on.

"You're going to see this benefiting everybody, because the whole purpose of the computer is shifting to be an AI machine," said Naveen Rao, the general manager of Intel's AI chip work, at Intel's 2019 AI Summit this week. "A lot of your experiences are going to start relying on AI capabilities, even in your laptop."

Introducing AI to laptops is part of a profound transition sweeping the computing industry. AI generally refers to neural network technology that's inspired by our own brains and trained to make decisions based on real-world data. The technology has delivered impressive results. You wouldn't be able to unlock your phone using facial features without it. Same with speech-to-text transcription software, self-driving car navigation and pattern scanning that detects credit card fraud. Dedicated AI hardware can speed up all that activity.

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