Apple Mac Pro Arrives in December

From PC Mag: Apple's flagship desktop will go on sale next month, joining a new 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop announced today. Together they make up the company's most competitive professional PC offering in years.

Apple's new Mac Pro arrives in December, marking the first major update to the company's flagship desktop in six years. It will start at $6,000, and is aimed at professionals who can take advantage of the Xeon CPU with as many as 28 cores, plus up to four AMD Radeon Pro GPUs and 1.5TB of main system memory.

Originally slated to offer up to 4TB of solid-state storage, Apple instead announced Wednesday that the maximum storage limit has been increased to 8TB. The desktop's two SSD slots can now each be configured with 4TB modules, though the base offering remains at 256GB per module.

Third-party storage manufacturers are already lining up to offer aftermarket drives for the new Mac Pro beyond what Apple ships from the factory. These drives, as well as other components like graphics cards, fit into removable expansion modules.

The increased storage capacity comes as a result of an extensive partnership with prospective Mac Pro customers, some of whom have been using pre-release versions of the hardware since shortly after its unveiling at Apple's WWDC. One Mac Pro even made it into an Instagram post of music producer Calvin Harris.

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