Microsoft's Game Streaming Service xCloud to Launch Next Year

From PC Mag: Microsoft will launch its xCloud game-streaming service some time next year, when it'll also be available on PCs.

For the past month, Microsoft has been letting gamers test out xCloud on Android smartphones and tablets as part of an ongoing public preview. But the company hasn't forgotten about PCs. "You want more ways to play. And we are delighted to announce in 2020 we will bring Project xCloud to Windows 10 PCs," said xCloud general manager Catherine Gluckstein at the Inside Xbox event in the UK.

"And of course, we won't stop there. We are working with a ton of partners to bring Project xCloud to every device where you want to play," she added.

In addition, when xCloud launches it will support a variety of third-party Bluetooth controllers, along with the official Xbox One wireless controlllers. Gluckstein named the Razer Junglecat and the Sony Dualshock 4 gamepads as examples.

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