AMD's Radeon Pro W5700 Lands for $799, Targets 3D Designers

From PC Mag: AMD is targeting 3D designers, architects, and engineers with its latest Radeon graphics card, which goes on sale today for $799.

The Radeon Pro W5700 takes many of the features in the consumer RX 5700 series, and elevates them for the PC workstation environment. The goal is to go beyond simply powering CAD drawings for architects and engineers and allow for smooth real-time 3D simulations and virtual reality programs.

Although the card has less processing power than last year's Radeon Pro WX8200 card, which currently retails for $969, it does offer some upgrades. With the new Pro W5700, the GPU has transitioned from 14-nanometer manufacturing technology to 7nm. Meanwhile, the card's design had been overhauled to rely on AMD's new RDNA microarchitecture.

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