IoT devices need built-in security standards, UL says

From CNET: When you buy a new lightbulb, you know that it's energy efficient and will last for a while because of an Energy Star label on the package. But when you buy an internet-connected lightbulb, there's almost no way of telling if it's secure from hackers.

Underwriters Laboratories, the electronics safety organization, is looking to fix that by introducing security ratings for internet-of-things devices. UL is known for its safety standards certifications for products, ensuring, for instance, that the charger you bought online isn't a counterfeit that'll set your house on fire.

Now UL wants to set the security standard for cybersecurity threats -- a notorious issue for IoT devices.

"These days, when you look at products, they have been moving from an analog function to a digital function," said Andrew Jamieson, UL's director of security and technology. "From that context, the security of the software directly affects the safety of the product, so we have to really start thinking about that."

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