YouTube iOS App Gets Subscription Topic Filters

From PC Mag: If you mainly watch videos using an iOS device, YouTube is making it easier to filter through the abundance of content uploaded to your favorite channels.

As the support page explains, YouTube is introducing "topics" in the Subscriptions feed. The idea here is to allow you to tap one of the available topics and have related videos pulled from the channels you subscribe to appear in reverse chronological order.

Google employee Hazel from the YouTube team explains, "During our testing, we saw that these topics encouraged more subscribers to come to their subs feed daily to look for new updates. These topics are optional and your default subscriptions feed will continue to show you all videos from channels you're subscribed to (this is the same as the "All" topic)."

If you're wondering why Google is only talking about topics for iOS users, don't worry, there is a plan to bring the same feature to Android devices, but for now it's something for "in the future."

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