Avast Defends Data Harvesting, Plans to Get Users to Agree to It

From PC Mag: Avast plans on exploring "further changes" to the company's practice of selling users' browser histories to third-party companies. But in the meantime, the antivirus vendor will try to opt more users into the data-sharing, despite the privacy risks.

On Tuesday, the company published a blog post in response to a PCMag-Motherboard investigation into how Avast's free antivirus products can expose your website clicks to corporations and market research companies.

Avast defended the data collection approach as entirely legal. In addition, the company is pressing forward on serving up a pop-up window to all existing users that'll ask them to agree to the browser history harvesting.

"We need to analyze data to catch threats," says an example of the pop-up window, which was included in the blog post. "That's how an antivirus works."

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