Rock Band and Guitar Hero creators are back to make you a Nintendo Switch DJ

From CNET: I hesitantly drop a Billie Eilish keyboard track on top of Lizzo's vocals from "Good as Hell," mixed with drums from Fatboy Slim's "The Rockefeller Skank." I apologize in advance. I love listening to mash-ups, I love making mash-ups. I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm doodling around with music. It all sounds good to me.

The crowd I'm mixing for has its own opinions, and I'm hearing it. This is Fuser, a DJ game coming this fall from NCSoft and Harmonix. A long time ago I used to play DJ Hero, a game that Harmonix didn't make (Activision published it), but involved the fantasy of being a DJ. It was like Guitar Hero, but with a plastic fake turntable. Fuser is far more interesting than that.

The game reminds me a lot of Hasbro's card-based music game DropMix, a board game that launched back in 2017 and fizzled soon after... and that's because Harmonix designed that, too. But Fuser is a DJ game without plastic accessories or cards or anything else, and I love it for that. It could be portable, if you play on a Nintendo Switch. And it has the possibility of being a musical instrument, too. It's really like a DropMix sequel, turned into a card-free video game.

Harmonix has made a lot of music/rhythm games since Guitar Hero and Rock Band, (Dance Central, the music-based VR shooter Audica, DropMix) and I've played a lot of them. Fuser is a mix of hit-the-moment-at-the-right-time gameplay and a free-form flow, and I prefer that it's more of the latter. If I wanted to play with the included 100 tracks and just mix around, I could. The game allows four tracks at the same time, any mix of vocals, guitar, horns, keyboard, percussion. Each track has four different tracks you could quickly assign with a button-press.

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