YouTube is following Netflix by reducing streaming quality due to coronavirus

From CNET: YouTube is following Netflix's lead in cutting the quality of its video streaming from high definition to standard in the European Union, it confirmed to CNET, as the bloc's leaders try to reduce strain on the internet during the coronavirus outbreak. Since more people are working from home and children are staying out of school, internet usage has spiked.

"We are in ongoing conversations with the regulators, governments and network operators all over Europe, and are making a commitment to temporarily default all traffic in the UK and the EU to standard definition," the Google-owned video streaming service said in a statement.

The service said it had seen "only a few usage peaks," but is reducing the default quality in the EU for 30 days. Video quality can still be manually adjusted.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton called on streaming services to switch to standard definition "when HD is not necessary" on Thursday. YouTube decided to reduce its default streaming quality after Breton spoke to Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and YouTube boss Susan Wojcicki, as previously reported by Reuters.

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