Amazon Prime Video Introduces Viewer Profiles

From PC Mag: Amazon Prime Video is finally rolling out the ability to create multiple viewer profiles per Prime account.

As Gadgets 360 reports, the new feature is currently available only in India and select Asian and African countries, where up to six individuals can access personal recommendations, viewing histories, and to-watch lists. A global launch is expected to occur in phases, as confirmed by Engadget.

Parents can assign a profile to children, or simply tap into the default Kids option (suitable for children 12 and under). Each profile is identified by the user's name and a different colored avatar—which there is currently no way to change.

Considering a Prime Video membership costs $8.99 a month, adding multiple profiles to one amazon account can help save money without encroaching on another person's viewing habits. It was a godsend when Netflix introduced account profiles in 2013. No longer did my brother's sports obsession or sister-in-law's true-crime addiction taint my own streaming recommendations.

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