Verizon Turns on 5G Uploads in 34 Cities

From PC Mag: Video calls on Verizon 5G are about to get even smoother. The company announced today that it's finally switching uploads from 4G to 5G in its 34 5G cities (with a 35th one coming soon), as well as for Chicago-based 5G Home subscribers. It also made several announcements about partnerships to help its short-range millimeter-wave 5G reach longer distances and get indoors, although those shifts won't happen immediately.

5G is a new technology, but it's still highly dependent on 4G. Current 5G networks are known as "non-standalone." Phones rest on 4G networks, and have to use 4G to negotiate 5G connections. Until now, Verizon's and AT&T's 5G networks also generally used 4G for uploads.

Uploads have become a hotter topic recently as more people are transmitting video in their quarantined lives. Verizon said on May 14 that collaboration tools, which use uplink, are at 1,200 percent the usage of the pre-COVID days. Comcast says uploads have increased by 33 percent while downloads have only increased by 13 percent compared to a March 1 baseline.

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