Instacart Surges Past Walmart In Online Grocery Market

From Forbes: According to a new report in The Information based on purchasing data gathered by Second Measure, Instacart’s explosive growth during the COVID-19 pandemic has not just been remarkable in isolation—but in relationship to its competitors, including Walmart, Shipt, Amazon, FreshDirect, and PeaPod.

This inverts the trend that took place in August 2019, in which Walmart’s online grocery service surpassed Instacart—and in which the retailer maintained a 40-50% market share for close to a year.

The new data shows Walmart’s weekly share of the online grocery business slipping approx. 25% in March. The Information purports that this decline occurred alongside Walmart’s struggle to meet the surge of demand of people in quarantine.

Instacart’s weekly market share ballooned through March, reaching a high of 57% in April. While the curve heading into May has tipped downward, the online grocery service still holds over half the market.

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