Honda hit with cyberattack, US production paused at some plants

From CNET: As Honda continues to ramp up production following an extended shutdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the Japanese automaker faced a new setback on Monday.

Bloomberg first reported the automaker was the target of a cyberattack of some sort, which led Honda to halt production at various plants around the world. Honda confirmed the cyberattack with Roadshow, but did not immediately provide additional information. It's also not clear which plants remain offline due to the attack.

The Bloomberg report mentions car plants in Ohio and Turkey shut down, as did the company's motorcycle plants in South America and India. Honda notably builds the Civic sedan, Accord sedan and CR-V at its Ohio facilities. The Acura NSX is also made in Ohio.

As for what the attack took down, we don't have detailed information. Bloomberg reported the issue affected a car inspection system. The system checks for defects before cars ship out to dealers and the factories weren't able to register vehicle information.

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