Verizon 5G Phones Take Off, But Coverage Is Still Lacking

From PC Mag: Verizon subscribers are picking up the most 5G phones by far of any carrier in the US, according to new data from M Science, although AT&T and T-Mobile report far broader 5G coverage.

Sales of 5G phones on Verizon breached the 100,000-unit-per-week mark at the end of May and have stayed there through June, while no other carrier has sold more than 40,000 5G phones per week, M Science says. Even if you combine sales from T-Mobile and Sprint, they still come out significantly less than Verizon's.

"Verizon’s sales mix is more weighted towards Android smartphones than the other carriers and Verizon offers the most diverse set of 5G Android devices. With a more expansive lineup of 5G phones, Verizon offers more alternatives for customers seeking 5G phones," says M Science senior analyst Mark Bachman.

According to Wave7 Research, Verizon does sell proportionately more Android phones than AT&T does, but fewer than Sprint and T-Mobile do. In June, Verizon's device mix was 65 percent Apple, while AT&T's was 73 percent Apple, Sprint's was 62 percent, and T-Mobile's was 55 percent, Wave7 says.

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