Spotify hits 138 million subscribers, as total listeners near milestone

From CNET: Spotify's paying subscribers climbed 27% to hit 138 million at the end of June, the music streaming service said Wednesday in its second-quarter earnings report, as the number of people listening to the service overall -- including those who listen free with advertising -- closed in on a worldwide milestone.

The latest figures further cement Spotify as the world's biggest subscription music service. Spotify appeared to remain above its No. 2 competitor Apple Music, though Apple hasn't updated the public on its membership in more than a year. Apple said its service had 60 million subscribers way back in June 2019.

Spotify also said Tuesday that 299 million people now use its service at least once a month, up 29% from a year earlier. Not surprisingly, Spotify predicted it would cross the 300 million listener milestone in the current quarter, predicting it would end September with between 312 million and 317 million monthly active listeners. (It predicted it would have 140 million to 144 million paid subscribers at the end of September too.)

Unlike Apple, Spotify has a free tier that lets anyone listen to music with advertising. Apple has never disclosed a monthly-active-user stat; almost all people who use Apple Music are subscribers.

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