Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Adding VR Support This Year

From PC Mag: The highly-anticipated new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator launches on Aug. 18, and now there's some more good news for those of you who own a virtual reality headset: support is coming.

As Eurogamer reports, virtual reality won't be in place at launch, but support is planned for later this year, although it will be a slow roll out. The first VR headset you'll be able to play the game while wearing is the HP Reverb G2. "We're starting with them," explained Microsoft's head of Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann, "There's some extra work to be done for some of the others. I mean, we're going to bring it to all the devices - all the common ones. It's just going to take a few more months after that."

Unlike certain airport destinations and planes, VR support will be offered as a free update for the game. It's also likely to be extremely popular and could sell a few extra headsets for HP because of how good Flight Simulator looks. VR promises an even higher level of immersion for all amateur pilots out there, as well as a few professionals who want to get in some practice from the safety of their home during the pandemic.

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