Mozilla Signs Lucrative 3-Year Google Search Deal for Firefox

From PC Mag: It's only been a couple of days since Mozilla laid off 25 percent of its staff, but now the company has secured the majority of its funding for the next three years thanks to a new Google search deal.

As The Register reports, in return for shipping Google as the default search engine with Firefox, Mozilla is thought to have secured in the region of $400 to $450 million a year over the 2021-2023 period. The majority of Mozilla's income (over 90 percent) is generated from relationships with search engines and Google has always been top of the list. However, Mozilla also has/had relationships with other tech companies in relation to search.

Although the exact terms of the new deal haven't been revealed, ZDNet speculated earlier in the week that we may not find out the details until November, when Mozilla releases its 2019 financial results. However, a Mozilla spokesperson did confirm a deal has been done, "Mozilla’s search partnership with Google is ongoing, with Google as the default search provider in the Firefox browser in many places around the world. We've recently extended the partnership, and the relationship isn't changing."

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