Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service is available on Chromebooks

From The Verge: I just played Death Stranding on my wife’s beat-up Samsung Chromebook Plus. That’s because Nvidia just made it possible to do so with its GeForce Now cloud streaming service, which launched in beta for Chrome OS today. While gaming natively isn’t necessarily a strong suit of Chrome OS, support for Google’s Stadia and GeForce Now means that you can probably access many of the games in your back catalog from the cloud, wherever you are with your Chromebook. Nvidia is keeping tabs on supported games right here.

Granted, this assumes you have one that’s capable enough to provide a decent experience, along with a mouse or gamepad plugged in for good measure since Chromebook trackpads usually aren’t great.

What’s cool about the beta is that Nvidia isn’t preventing any Chromebook user from going to play.geforcenow.com and giving it a try themselves, although the company does offer some recommended specs that it says ensure a good experience:

- CPU: Intel Core M3 (seventh gen or later) or a Core i3, i5, or i7 processor
- GPU: Intel HD graphics 600 or higher
- RAM: 4GB or higher
- Plus at least 15Mbps internet (25Mbps recommended)

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