Verizon launches 5G nationwide coverage just in time for iPhone 12

From CNET: Verizon's 5G nationwide network finally makes its appearance -- finally giving it an alternative to the wide coverage offered by 5G networks from rivals T-Mobile and AT&T. On Tuesday, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg appeared in Apple's virtual iPhone 12 event to announce that the country's largest wireless carrier now has a low-band 5G network, which offers dramatically more coverage -- at lower speeds -- than the previous flavor of its super-fast 5G.

Verizon will cover 200 million people with low-band 5G, meeting the Federal Communications Commission's definition of a nationwide network, though much of the new network will initially be centered around major cities. T-Mobile, the second-largest carrier, launched its nationwide network last December and has since expanded to cover 250 million people with low-band 5G. AT&T hit the nationwide mark over the summer and covers 205 million people with its low-band 5G offering.

The carrier also expanded its millimeter-wave network (what it calls "Ultra Wideband") to parts of 19 new sports stadiums -- including Citi Field in New York, Lambeau Field in Wisconsin, and SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles -- as well as parts of six airports (Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Des Moines International Airport, John Glenn Columbus International Airport, Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport, Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport, Salt Lake City International Airport and San Antonio International Airport).

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