IBM promises 100x faster quantum computers through new software foundations

From CNET: IBM unveiled on Wednesday improvements to quantum computing software that it expects will increase performance of its complex machines by a factor of 100, a development that builds on Big Blue's progress in making the advanced computing hardware.

In a road map, the computing giant targeted the release of quantum computing applications over the next two years that will tackle challenges such as artificial intelligence and complex financial calculations. And it's opening up lower level programming access that it expects will lead to a better foundation for those applications.

Much of the software will be written using open-source technology that outsiders can contribute to and benefit from, IBM said in a statement, adding the improvements will "lead to a 100x speedup."

IBM's planned quantum computing software releases are part of an effort to hide away as much of the quantum computing complexity as possible for ordinary folks. Getting a quantum computer to do useful work today is pretty tough, even with specialists like Zapata Computing and Cambridge Quantum Computing to hold your hand.

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