Volkswagen Chooses Microsoft Azure for Its Self-Driving Software

From PC Mag: Self-driving cars need a reliable connection to the cloud, and automaker Volkswagen has decided Microsoft's Azure cloud service is the best choice on which to build its automated driving platform.

As Reuters reports, Volkswagen is working on both driver assistance features and fully-automated driving functionality for its entire range of vehicles and brands. Last year, the automaker consolidated software development efforts across its different brands by creating the Car.Software Organization, but development is still being carried out by the different vehicle companies under Volkswagen's umbrella.

That changes with this new deal which sees all Volkswagen's development efforts migrate to Microsoft Azure. And this is a big deal for Microsoft when you consider the Volkswagen Group owns Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, and of course produces its own range of Volkswagen vehicles.

"As we transform Volkswagen Group into a digital mobility provider, we are looking to continuously increase the efficiency of our software development. We are building the Automated Driving Platform with Microsoft to simplify our developers' work through one scalable and data-based engineering environment. By combining our comprehensive expertise in the development of connected driving solutions with Microsoft’s cloud and software engineering know-how, we will accelerate the delivery of safe and comfortable mobility services," said Dirk Hilgenberg, CEO of the Car.Software Organization.

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