Google apps prompted updates and warned of security risks, but the updates don't exist

From CNET: Apple's privacy policy updates for iPhones have shaken the app industry. Many of Google's popular apps, like Gmail, haven't been updated in two months. Now some of those apps have chimed in to complain.

For a brief period Wednesday, some users reported seeing warnings from Google about the status of their apps.

"You should update this app," the message said, according to Spencer Dailey, an editor at the website Techmeme. "The version you're using doesn't include the latest security features to keep you protected. Only continue if you understand the risks."

On Thursday, a Google spokeswoman said the messages appeared because of a bug and the warnings have stopped showing up. The apps, however, still haven't been updated.

Since December, Apple has required app developers on its iOS platform to provide "nutrition labels" that tell people what personal data their apps are collecting, like financial information, contacts or browsing history. Google, however, hasn't provided labels for most of its apps. When asked if the lack of updates is related to Apple's policy change, the Google spokeswoman didn't respond.

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