ASUS Launches ASUS BR1100 Education Series

From ASUS Press Release: ASUS today launched BR1100, an all-new, education-focused K-12 education Windows 10 laptop series that’s available in 11.6-inch clamshell form (BR1100C) for a traditional experience and a convertible design that flips to become an 11.6-inch multi-touch tablet (BR1100F).

The new BR1100 laptops are built to military-grade standard to survive the hustle and bustle of everyday life at home, outside and in the classroom, with clever protective features including an all-round rubber bumper and a spill-resistant keyboard[1]. They also support 4G LTE[2] and up to WiFi 6 for fast connectivity, and have AI-powered noise-cancelling technology for high-quality remote learning and conferencing. There’s battery life to handle a full day’s learning and beyond, plus an easy-to-service modular construction, while the convertible BR1100F additionally benefits from a world-facing camera and garaged stylus (optional)[3] for innovative learning opportunities and maximum flexibility.

Rugged design: Rubber bumper, spill-resistant keyboard and military-grade toughness

ASUS BR1100 laptops are built to withstand everyday knocks, bumps, drops and spills without damage. So, whether it’s dropped from a classroom desk or the dining table, BR1100 is built to just keep on going.

All four exterior edges and corners are protected by a tough rubber bumper, which reduces the impact of physical shocks to ensure critical components are safe and sound. Then there’s the spill-resistant keyboard[4], which can cope with liquid spills of up to 330 cc without harm – so minor splashes are easily drained, cleaned and dried.
BR1100C and BR1100F also feature a rubber safety grip on the base. This not only provides a sturdy support for the laptop but also makes it easier to grip when carrying, reducing the risk of fumbles and slips.

The keyboard is also designed to resist tampering, with a minimal gap between the edges of the keycaps and the keyboard, which prevent the keys from being pried out. The laptops even have a tough, micro-dimpled finish that’s able to brush off both fingerprints and minor scuffs and scratches.

All these defenses and more besides mean that BR1100C and BR1100F surpass demanding US military-grade MIL-STD-810H durability standards. They’re also torture-tested to pass stringent ASUS quality tests, confirming that they’re able to withstand drops of up to 120 cm — more than standard desk height. The display hinge and I/O ports are also exhaustively tested to endure the stresses and strains of everyday use.

Storage, stamina and smarts: Up to 1 TB M.2, 10-hour battery life and 4,096-level stylus
Both new ASUS BR1100 laptops have 128 GB of eMMC storage built right in, and there’s also a slot for an M.2 SSD to enable optional storage of up to a huge 1 TB. As well, with up to 10 hours battery life[5] on a single charge, BR1100C and BR1100F are able last for a full day of classes and more – empowering students to enjoy both uninterrupted learning and relaxation.

BR1100F additionally offers the option of a precision stylus with storage garage to help students get every detail just right when drawing, taking notes or marking up documents. The garage means the stylus – which is able to detect 4,096 levels of pressure – is always to hand, and minimizes the chance of it being lost or mislaid. It’s also quick to charge, with a 15-second stay in the garage providing enough capacitance for 45 minutes’ use.

The flippable BR1100F also includes a special world-facing camera, positioned just above the keyboard. This empowers students to explore and learn in totally new ways, allowing them to capture photos and videos in tablet mode.

Connectivity and clarity: 4G LTE[6] and up to WiFi 6, AI noise cancelation and loads of I/O ports
BR1100C and BR1100F offer the option of 4G LTE in selected models for safe, secure, and speedy mobile connectivity when needed for work, rest, or play. The laptops also offer the latest up to WiFi 6 to deliver ultrafast and stable speeds for online learning and super-smooth video chats.

As a further aid to remote learning and video conferencing, BR1100C and BR1100F both include innovative ASUS AI noise-canceling technology. This employs sophisticated machine-learning techniques in order to isolate unwanted noise from human speech for clearer voice. In addition, the webcam employs innovate 3D noise-reduction (3DNR) technology to remove up to 94% of random noise, significantly improving image quality.

They’re also loaded with connectivity, including the latest 3.2 Gen 2 USB Type-C™ (USB-C™) port — with support for high-speed data transfers and USB Power Delivery — along with a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, HDMI, microSD card reader and an Ethernet (RJ45) port for wired networking.

Easy maintenance: Modular construction for fast repairs or component replacement
To keep maintenance costs to a minimum for schools, parents and students, BR1100C and BR1100F are designed for easy servicing and reduced downtime. Both benefit from a modular construction that allows key components — such as the keyboard, battery, thermal module and I/O ports — to be replaced in minutes using simple tools. As a final easy-maintenance touch, the underside is secured attached using captive screws, eliminating worries about losing these little parts during repairs.

Learning-friendly extras: Status LED, antibacterial protection and low blue-light emissions
BR1100C and BR1100F have a bright LED indicator integrated into the top cover. This enables educators to see at a glance if a particular student’s laptop is facing connectivity or power problems – giving teachers a heads up when a student might need help.
To help protect users, the surfaces of these new learning-focused laptops are treated with ASUS BacGuard. This has been scientifically shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria by over 99% over a 24-hour period, helps to keep surfaces clean and sanitary, potentially reducing the spread of harmful bacteria via contact.

The screen is also certified by TÜV Rheinland for low blue-light emissions, potentially helping to protect students’ eyes from damage during prolonged study sessions.

Pilot the Future for K-12 Education
ASUS North America's Pilot the Future Campaign aims to provide select K-12 schools in North America with the opportunity to receive a set of 30 ASUS BR1100C clamshell laptops, enough to equip a full class of students for learning remotely and in the classroom. To be considered for the ASUS BR1100 Pilot the Future program, school faculty can submit videos to share with ASUS how their school is preparing students for better collaboration in-person and remotely, as well as how the ASUS BR1100 laptops can help promote learning in their classroom.

The Pilot the Future program kicked off on January 18 with school nominations through March 26. From the batch of submissions, ASUS will select the top five schools to move onto the community voting round through April 2 – April 16. It will conclude with the top three schools with the most community votes deemed as the winners/participants in the program. Winners will be announced on April 23.

Learn more about the ASUS Pilot the Future program details, terms and conditions, and how to submit a school for consideration at