Micron Will Stop Making 3D XPoint Memory This Year

From PC Mag: Micron has announced that it intends to stop manufacturing 3D XPoint memory this year and exit the market due to a lack of demand.

Although 3D XPoint isn't a well-known name, Intel's Optane is, which relied on the specialized memory allowing it to be as fast as RAM, but able to store data like an SSD. However, Intel sold its share in the 3D XPoint business to Micron back in 2018 and earlier this year announced consumer models of its Optane-only SSDs were being discontinued.

As Tom's Hardware reports, Micron is now following Intel and exiting the business due to "insufficient market validation to justify the ongoing high levels of investments required to successfully commercialize 3D XPoint at scale." It follows a $400 million loss, and now the company is tasked with selling the fab in Lehi, Utah where 3D XPoint is produced. A task it hopes to do complete the end of 2021.

Micron still has an agreement with Intel to supply the memory, which Micron will honor, "Micron is committed to completing our obligations under the existing wafer supply agreement with Intel, which currently goes through the end of CY21, and Micron intends to retain all of its intellectual property associated with 3D XPoint."

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