Nvidia is doubling the price of its GeForce Now cloud gaming service for new users

From The Verge: Nvidia on Thursday announced a new subscription tier for its GeForce Now cloud gaming service called Priority that will replace its existing paid Founders tier and contain the same perks like extended session length and RTX support. The catch: the change will come with a price increase, from what used to be a $4.99-per-month subscription to what will now be a $9.99-per-month one for new subscribers. Nvidia will also start offering a $99.99-per-year Priority subscription.

However, those who had active memberships as of yesterday, March 17th, will be eligible for the Founders pricing for life, Nvidia says, which comes out to a little less than $60 per year. The company still plans to offer a free tier of GeForce Now, too, but that tier restricts you to a one-hour session length. Nvidia says the price hike is meant to represent the platform’s evolution since it launched in beta way back in 2015 and entered what Nvidia has referred to as a public testing phase a year ago.

“As GeForce Now enters year two, and rapidly approaches 10 million members, the service is ready to kick things up a notch,” the company said in a statement. “GeForce Now launched out of beta last February with Founders memberships — a limited time, promotional plan. On Thursday, Founders memberships will close to new registrations and Priority memberships, the new premium offering, will be introduced.”

Those who have tried out GeForce Now with a Founders subscription but let that subscription lapse may be displeased to find out that Nvidia does not intend to give the $4.99-per-month pricing to anyone who may have been a paying subscriber in the recent past, even if you let your subscription lapse a few days ago. You’ll need to have been an active, paying Founders member as of yesterday, and you’ll also need to keep the membership active to continue paying the reduced price. If you cancel, you’ll lose the promotion for good.

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