Fitbit's new Tile tracking hook-in works with iOS and can ring your phone

From CNET: Finding lost things has become the 2021 goal of a number of tech companies: Samsung has new SmartTag trackers. Apple may have AirTags this year. Google just added a new Tile feature into the Fitbit Inspire 2 band that could help make it easier to find, or make your phone ring to find it.

"Wearables are an exciting new category for us to support and a strong complement to our existing integrations with headphones and laptops," Tile CEO CJ Prober said in Fitbit's press release.

The Tile partnership is the first time Tile's been on a wearable. The Bluetooth tracking connection requires the Tile app and a Tile account, but works for free. A Tile Premium subscription adds smart alerts and other extras. The Tile-enabled update is arriving this week to the Fitbit app.

Fitbit hasn't confirmed whether this Tile hook-in is coming to other Fitbits, but it would be nice. "We're excited to partner with Tile so our users can focus on building healthy habits without worrying about not being able to find their misplaced device, with the potential to bring Tile's finding technology to more Fitbit devices in the future," Larry Yang, Director, Product Management of Fitbit Devices at Google, says in Fitbit's press release.

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