Asus Indicates Supplies of Nvidia's RTX 3000 GPUs Have Decreased

From PC Mag: Given the demand, you’d think that manufacturing for Nvidia’s RTX 3000 graphics cards would be ramping up. But PC vendor Asus says they remain in short supply, prompting higher prices.

Last week, Asus held an investors event, where executives projected revenue for this year’s first quarter. Surprisingly, the PC vendor is predicting component sales—which include Asus-branded RTX 3000 graphics cards—will fall by 5-10% from last year’s Q4.

“On the graphics card question, currently the main issue is the shortage of Nvidia (GPU) shipments, so there’s a supply constraint situation. Because we lack supplies, the prices are increasing,” said Asus Co-CEO SY Hsu. “Everyone is scrambling to obtain units.”

Hsu added that it’s hard to judge when the shortage will end. But he pinned some of the blame on the lower-than-expected yields from Nvidia’s manufacturing partner, Samsung, which has been churning out GPU chips for the RTX 3000 cards.

“We currently speculate the yield from the upstream supplier hasn’t been smooth,” Hsu said during the event. “That’s led to such a big shortage.”

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