Google 'partially' misled Android users in Australia about location data, court rules

From CNET: Google "partially" misled some Android users in Australia regarding how their location data was being collected, according to a court ruling handed down Friday.

Australia's Federal Court found that Google misrepresented that its "Location History" setting that users saw during the initial new account setup process was the only setting that affected whether identifiable information about their locations was collected or used.

Another setting, called "Web & App Activity," enabled by default, would also collect, store and use personally identifiable location data, if not turned off, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the consumer rights watchdog that brought the action in 2019.

The ruling comes amid continuing scrutiny of how much data tech giants gather from consumers. Google said last year it would phase out third-party cookies that track a person's individual browsing across websites and target ads to them based on their activity.

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