Apple's New iPads Lead Tablet Sales Boom During Pandemic

From PC Mag: Apple has announced its new M1-equipped iPad Pro. It's more powerful than its immediate predecessor and costs anywhere between $799 and $1,099, with additional storage options available. But who is buying such a device in 2021 and beyond? As it turns out, the tablet industry is booming right now.

After impressive growth in the first half of the last decade, tablet sales have fallen drastically since. Between customers keeping their tablets longer than their phones and phone screens getting bigger, the demand for tablets peaked somewhere around 2014.

But data collected by IDC suggests that sales picked up in 2020 as people were working and learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Back in 2019, after 230.1 million units shipped in 2014, that number fell to a mere 144.5 million. Then 164.1 million units sold in 2020, opening the way for Apple's new iPad Pro.

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